How to Avoid Mixing Business and Personal Finances

Yes, personal and business finances have to be Separated! Let us see how to do so.
As times become economically harder and harder, the average individual begins to seek the answer to gaining their wealth and security. Regardless of where a person lives in the world, making a comfortable living is their goal. It is human nature to desire security and many would risk almost anything for a guarantee of financial success.

Thousands of enterprisers are born every day. Where are these individuals gaining the money that they need to start and sustain these businesses? A big percentage of innovative businesses are started with borrowed money. It is highly recommended that you seek the borrowed money from a bank or credit union. In addition to loans, there are many grants available to help a new business owner. Before the doors of a business open, research financial outlets for acquiring your needed funding, this protects your personal savings and assets.

Another popular mistake many new business owners make is to acquire the initial seed money from personal savings accounts or borrow using personal assets as collateral.Have you ever thought of what is going to happen to your child's future if his college fund is spent to fund a business that fails? Or have you thought of what is going to keep you alive in your retirement if you spend your life's savings on a business that fails? Every individual that opens a business must face the fact that even Walt Disney experienced bankruptcy on the way to his riches.
Experts recommend to never borrow money using personal assets, instead use signature loans, incorporate your business or acquire a partner. If a business is incorporated than stock can be sold to fund the business. This acquires seed money and allows you not to risk your personal assets which you worked your entire life to acquire. If incorporating your business is not an option, consider acquiring a partner.Partnerships accomplish gaining further funding and another person to take on the burden of the work. Studies have shown that partnerships have the highest chance for success when starting a new business.

Last, but not least, the worst mistake that most entrepreneurs make is to assume that their business is supporting them before it is secure. The temptation to combine personal and business expenses is extremely high as it offers a wealthier lifestyle.Millions of people are seeing the wrong in this premature assumption with the emergency decline in the world economy. At this time, many businesses are beginning to fold, causing the careless owners to lose everything.

To protect yourself, keep separate bank accounts, credit accounts and most importantly keep your expenses separate. No matter how successful your company becomes, combining personal and business expenses and finances is not recommended. Your best protection is to pay yourself a salary and watch the salary grow. As your salary grows, your personal savings will grow offering you the lifestyle you dreamt of. True, long lasting success is built, not carelessly, but it is bought with life savings.


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